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(Arts Does Method) Online Public Lecture

Corpus Data for Interpreting Studies: Fooling Around

Date: 10/02/2022

Time: 4pm – 6pm

Speaker: Bart Defrancq (Ghent University, Belgium)

Talks and other Events

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Professor Bart Defrancq will argue that corpus-based interpreting studies should resist the appeal of theoretical frameworks that have inspired many translation scholars working on translation corpora, i.e. the universals of translation framework. Rather, a rich corpus of interpreting, even of limited size, can reveal many interesting facts about interpreting that experimental setups could never lay bare.

(Arts Does Method) Online Public Lecture

Neuroscientific Approaches to Translation and Interpreting

Date: 27/05/2021

Time: 8pm – 10pm

Speaker: Adolfo M. García (Universidad de San Andrés)

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Dr Adolfo M. García will survey the tenets of relevant neuroscientific techniques, review the evidence they have afforded regarding IR, and outline key questions for further research, with the focus on behavioral and neuropsychological methods, positron emission tomography (PET), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and electroencephalography (EEG). In doing so, he aims to foster a more active involvement of cognitive translatologists in brain-based research.

Guest Lecture

The Translation of Cultural Images in Literary and Media Discourse

Date: 20/11/2017

Time: 4pm – 5:30pm

Speaker: Luc van Doorslaer (KU Leuven [Belgium] / Stellenbosch University [South Africa])

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Although imagology, the field studying national and cultural images, for decades has focused on literary discourse, recently there is a tendency to include forms of recontextualization in non-fiction. In modern media societies, journalistic discourse is highly influential in producing and distributing national and cultural stereotyping.

Hong Kong Translation Research Summer School, TRSS (HK)

TRSS (HK) 2013: Neuroscience and Translation

Date: 22/07/2013 - 02/08/2013

Speaker: Maria Tymoczko (University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA), Theo Hermans (University College London, UK)

Talks and other Events


Research in neuroscience is changing the way human mental and physical faculties are understood. Most disciplines in the humanities and social sciences are being shifted by the findings of the new science of mind. This presentation is a preliminary exploration of some of the implications of research in neuroscience for translation studies.

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