Our Story

Our Story

The Centre for Translation of Hong Kong Baptist University was established in 1994 as a University-wide Research Unit. Committed to academic research and to translation projects covering material from diverse fields, the Centre aims to promote the discipline of translation to meet the rapid development and needs of the present day world.

Scholars in Translation Studies, Interpreting Studies, and other relevant disciplines are invited by the Centre in the capacity as either Research Fellows, who are current faculty members of the University, or Honorary Research Fellows from other institutions.


Our Objectives


To initiate, plan, coordinate and support research and publication projects related to translation and interpreting


To liaise among academics, at Hong Kong Baptist University and elsewhere, and professional practitioners in the field to carry out research and publication projects


To coordinate the efforts of Research Fellows with those of alumni, postgraduate students and undergraduate students of this University in research and publication projects in order to foster a culture of research and of good professional practice

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