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This series of academic books (in Chinese) on Translation Studies was jointly published by the Centre for Translation of Hong Kong Baptist University with Hunan People’s Publishing House, Changsha, PRC. The series, consisting of a total of 5 books, was released by Hunan People’s Publishing House, Changsha, PRC, in 2011 to 2014. The titles are:

  • “中國英詩漢譯史論” (2011, by Prof. Zhang Xu, Hunan Normal University)
  • “傳統與現代之間 ── 中國譯學研究新途徑” (2012, by Prof. Martha PY Cheung, HKBU)
  • “多元系統翻譯研究 ── 理論、實踐與回應” (2012, by Prof. Chang Nam-fung, Lingnan University)
  • “中國傳統譯論 ── 譯名研究” (2013, by Prof. Chu Chi-yu and Huang Libo, Polytechnic University of Hong Kong)
  • “譯藝發端” (2013, by Prof. Luo Xinzhang)

This series (in Cantonese) includes 21 publications in total.

The first batch, which was released in 2005, is composed of 9 plays, namely After Magritte (《畫廊之後》), The Comedy of Errors (《難得糊塗》), Deadly Ecstasy (《神火》), The House of Bernarda Alba (《深閨怨》), King Lear (《李爾王》), Long Day’s Journey Into Night (《長路漫漫入夜深》), Look for the Rainbow(《雨後彩虹》), Oedipus Rex (《伊狄帕斯王》) and, Rockaby (《搖搖一生》) .

The other 9 plays, namely Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (《炙簷之上》), The Collection (《真相》), Happy End (《大團圓》), Les Bonnes (《侍婢》), Rashomon (《羅生門》), A View from the Bridge (《長橋遠望》), Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (《邊個怕維珍尼亞吳爾夫?》), Whose Life Is It Anyway? (《生殺之權》) and The Zoo Story (《動物園的故事》), were published in 2006.

Three more plays, namely Three Sisters (《姊妹仨》), Othello (《奧賽羅》) and Betrayal (《對住你 對唔住你》), were published in 2010. The former two were also staged in Hong Kong by the Seals Players Foundation which broke a 13-year hiatus in 2006.

These projects were partly funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.


Erratum: 《李爾王》

The Hong Kong Baptist University Centre for Translation Series (Translation Criticism and Appreciation, A Translation Primer, Life and Translation, and The Translation Profession) – a series of books on various aspects of translation was published jointly with the Commercial Press (HK) Ltd. and the Bookman Publishing Ltd. in Taiwan during 1996-1997.

  • 黎翠珍主編,《翻譯評賞》,香港:商務印書館,1996,共194頁
  • 周兆祥編著,《翻譯初階》,香港:商務印書館,1996,共288頁
  • 周兆祥編著,《翻譯與人生》,香港:商務印書館,1996,共171頁
  • 周兆祥編著,《專業翻譯》,香港:商務印書館,1997,共234頁

Editor: Professor Jane Lai

A publication of selected papers from the conference “William Faulkner in China” which was held in the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, December 26-28, 1993. Co-publisher: HK-America Centre & Centre for Translation, HKBU, 63 pages.

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