About the Conference

Translating and Interpreting Political Discourse
(TIPD 2019)

19-20 June 2019

Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong

In this globalised and digitalised era, the translation and interpreting of political discourse has become an increasingly important area of research that presents a number of challenges. These include the sensitiveness of the subject matter involved, the interdisciplinary nature of the field, and the particular cognitive or pragmatic constraints that pertain in the political translation/interpreting process. Apart from its practical implications for political science and communication studies, research in this field helps us to further reflect on issues such as the voice of the translator or interpreter, translatorial intervention, and the ethical dimensions of political translation and interpreting.

This two-day conference, organised in association with Bandung: Journal of the Global South, serves as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange on the latest research in this area. The organisers welcome contributions addressing any aspect of the translation/interpreting of political discourse. Suggested themes include but are not restricted to:

  • The interface between translation/interpreting and political discourse: new trends and methods in research;
  • The roles of translators/interpreters in translating and interpreting political discourse;
  • Cognitive or pragmatic constraints in the translation/interpreting of political texts (such as policy speeches/statements, parliamentary debates, press conferences, media interviews with politicians or political talks/meetings on TV);
  • Corpus-based study of political and policy speeches and their translation/interpreting: new tools and paradigms;
  • Ethical issues in political translation and interpreting;
  • The use of Critical Discourse Analysis and other tools for translation/interpreting discourse analysis;
  • Frameworks and methods of corpora construction in the study of translated/interpreted political texts;
  • Political censorship in the production and circulation of translated texts.

The conference will also feature two workshops related to the subthemes.

It is hoped that through this conference, participants can gain inspiration from scholars of different disciplines and build up platforms for future collaboration and discussion.

The language of the conference is English.

Keynote speakers

Professor Jeremy Munday

Professor Jeremy MUNDAY
(University of Leeds)
Title: Issues Arising in the Analysis of Political Discourse in Translation
About the Speaker:
Jeremy Munday is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Leeds. His specialisms are: linguistic translation theories, discourse analysis (including systemic functional linguistics), ideology and translation, and Latin American literature in translation. He is author of Introducing Translation Studies (Routledge, 4th edition 2016) and Evaluation in Translation: A Study of Critical Points in Translator Decision-making (Routledge, 2012).

Professor Sandra L. Halverson

Professor Sandra HALVERSON
(Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)
Title: Cognitive Constraints in Translation: The Role of (Meta)linguistic Knowledge and Task Construal
About the Speaker:
Professor Sandra L. Halverson is employed at the University of Agder in Norway. Her research has centered on questions related to various areas of Translation Studies and Cognitive Linguistics, and she has published both empirical and theoretical/conceptual work in key TIS journals, e.g. Target, Across Languages and Cultures, and Meta and in central anthologies and encyclopedias. An overarching concern is the integration of insights from Cognitive Linguistics into Translation Studies, and she is currently working on developing and testing hypotheses concerning the cognitive origins of lexical and syntactic patterns in translated language. Other long-term research interests are the epistemology of Translation Studies and research methodology, and recent publications have also dealt with issues of this type.
Professor Halverson is a member of the Translation Research, Empiricism and Cognition network (TREC). She also serves on the editorial boards of Hermes, MonTI, and the Journal of Translation Studies in Africa. She was appointed CETRA Chair Professor for 2018 and has held plenary lectures and other invited talks in numerous universities across Europe and in China.

Professor Tan Zaixi

Professor TAN Zaixi
(Shenzhen University / Beijing Foreign Studies University / Hong Kong Baptist University)
Title: The National Politics of Media Translation - With Reference to the Political Discourse on the China-North Korea Relationship
About the Speaker:
TAN Zaixi is a distinguished professor (特聘教授) at Shenzhen University (深圳大學) and chair professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外國語大學), and Professor Emeritus of Hong Kong Baptist University. He obtained his PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Exeter, UK. He is author of some twenty books including: Translation Studies: The Making and Evolution of an Independent Discipline (Chi., 2017), Translation and Translation Studies: Perceptions, Perspectives and Methodology (Chi., 2012), A History of Translation in the West: Revised Edition (Chinese, 2004; 8th reprint in 2018), The Science of Translation (Chi., 2000/2005), Nida on Translation: A New Edition (Chi.,1999/2001). His major published translations include A Dictionary of Translation Studies (translated from the English, 2005) and a translation of Kingsley Amis' Lucky Jim (2008/2013). He has also published widely in major Chinese and international journals, including《中國翻譯》(Chinese Translators Journal),《外語教學與研究》(Foreign Language Teaching and Research),《外國語》(Journal of Foreign Languages), Meta, The Translator, Translation and Interpreting Studies, Neohelicon, Perspectives, Across Languages and Cultures, and Babel. His specialist interests include the theories and philosophies of translation, the cultural politics of translation, historiography of translation, literary and media translation, and contrastive English-Chinese language-cultural studies.


Conference Conveners

  • Jun PAN (Hong Kong Baptist University / Bandung: Journal of the Global South)
  • Pak-Nung WONG (University of Bath / Bandung: Journal of the Global South)

Organizing Committee

  • Robert NEATHER (Hong Kong Baptist University) [Chair]
  • Jun PAN (Hong Kong Baptist University / Bandung: Journal of the Global South)
  • Mark SHUTTLEWORTH (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  • Rebekah WONG (Digital & Multimedia Services, Hong Kong Baptist University Library)
  • Pak-Nung WONG (University of Bath / Bandung: Journal of the Global South)

Scientific Committee (in alphabetical order)

  • Silvia BERNARDINI (University of Bologna)
  • María CALZADA PÉREZ (Universitat Jaume I)
  • Bart DEFRANCQ (Ghent University)
  • Sylviane GRANGER (Université catholique de Louvain)
  • Steve Zhong Shi GUO (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  • Haidee KRUGER (Macquarie University)
  • Marie-Aude LEFER (Université catholique de Louvain)
  • Robert NEATHER (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  • Mark SHUTTLEWORTH (Hong Kong Baptist University)
  • SIN King Kui (UOW College Hong Kong (Community College of City University))
  • Billy Tak Ming WONG (Open University of Hong Kong)

List of Reviewers (in alphabetical order)

Submission of Abstracts

We welcome abstracts for paper and poster presentations.

Submissions must include the following information*:

  • name of author(s)
  • affiliation
  • email address
  • abstract of 300 words
  • 3-5 keywords
  • short bio within 100 words

*The data collected will be used for the conference and other directly related purpose(s) and will be retained for a period of 6 months or until the relevant use of the requested data has been completed, whichever is later.

Length of presentations: 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion)

All submissions, using Microsoft Word 2013 or above, are to be sent to by 15 January 2019. Successful applicants will be notified by email by 15 February 2019.

Key Dates

Deadline for (paper and poster) abstract submission: 15 January 2019 (deadline extended)

Notification of acceptance/rejection: 15 February 2019

Conference dates: 19-20 June 2019

Submission of full paper for publication*: 20 July 2019

* We plan to publish selected papers (after peer review) in a special issue of Bandung: Journal of the Global South and/or an edited volume by Brill.

Registration and Fees

Registration is required for all participants of the conference.

Conference fee is required for presenters, to cover the conference pack, welcome reception, and lunches.

The registration fees for presenter and student presenter is HK$1,000 and HK$700 respectively. No early bird rate applies.

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  • University-based Option: Dr Ng Tor Tai International House (NTT)
    The University guesthouse is in a very convenient location, just a 5 minute walk to the conference venue.
    Room Rate (per room per night): Single/Double room, 18-20 June 2019, HK$920.
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Please click here for the conference programme.


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Poster Presentation

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  1. Workshop 1
    Title: Getting Published in Journals: Some Tips for Success
    In this session, I aim to answer the following questions:
    (1) Selection: How to select a journal to submit?
    (2) Submission: How to submit a journal article manuscript? What to be included in a submission?
    (3) Peer review: What will happen in the peer-review process? How is a decision reached?
    (4) Revision: How to conduct revision? How to address reviewers' comments? What to be included in the re-submission?
    (5) Publication: What will happen after a manuscript is accepted for publication?
    I will also introduce the editorial practice of Bandung: Journal of the Global South. Adopting an author-centered scaffolding approach, Bandung aims to provide an inclusive platform to better support individual authors of diverse backgrounds in the humanities and social sciences to disseminate their research content and develop one's intellectual agendas in accordance with their situated contexts. While Bandung normally publishes research articles of rigor, we also intend to support prospective authors to incubate and consolidate new ideas relevant to the Global South.
    About the Speaker:
    Dr Pak-Nung Wong, Editor-in-Chief, Bandung: Journal of the Global South (Brill Academic Publishers); Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, University of Bath, U.K.

  2. Workshop 2
    Title: The Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC): A New Tool for the Study of Political Interpreting
    This workshop will start with the launching of the Chinese/English Political Interpreting Corpus (CEPIC), a new tool for the study of political interpreting, developed by the speaker in collaboration with Hong Kong Baptist University Library.
    The CEPIC, with about 6.5 million word tokens in size, consists of transcripts of Chinese (Cantonese & Putonghua) / English political speeches and their translated/interpreted texts, covering the time span of more than two decades. The corpus features a parallel display of up to six versions of the same speech segment, aligned at paragraph level. Apart from POS tagging, the corpus is also annotated with different prosodic and paralinguistic features that are of concern to the study of spoken language as well as interpreting.
    During the workshop, the speaker will demonstrate how the CEPIC can be used to investigate matters relating to Chinese/English political translation/interpreting and political discourse at large. The workshop will also show how the corpus can serve students, teachers, as well as people working in political settings, in aspects of political speech delivery and translation/interpreting production. At the end of the workshop, users will get hands-on experience exploring the corpus for their own teaching/research purposes.
    About the Speaker:
    Dr. Jun Pan is Associate Professor in the Translation Programme and Director of the M.A. Programme in Translation and Bilingual Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University. She also works as managing editor of Bandung: Journal of the Global South. Her research interests include corpus-based interpreting/translation studies, learner factors in interpreter training, and professionalism in interpreting.

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