Language Services in the Era of Internet and Big Data

Date: 28/04/2017

Time: 7:00-9:00PM

Location: Centre for Translation, DLB 601, David C. Lam Building, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University, Renfrew Road, Kowloon Tong

Speaker: Prof Chai Mingjiong

Translation Seminar Series


Internet and big data have put the spur on the development of today’s world at an unprecedented pace. The translation industry which traditionally relied mostly on the production of individual translators is now gradually being replaced by the well-organized modern translation teams operating under the present day production logistics. At the same time, our human society is also confronted with the impact of the development of the Artificial Intelligence which is very much automated. What are the developmental changes in the translation industry today? What are the changes when the translation industry is influenced by internet and big data? This speech will, taking AlphaGo as an example, explore the development of the language service industry and the coping tactics of the translation education.

About the Speaker:

Chai Mingjiong, Professor and PhD Supervisor in Translation Studies, is the founder and now the Honorary Dean of the Graduate Institute of Interpretation and Translation, Shanghai International Studies University, Vice President of Conference Internationale Permanente d’Instituts Universitarires de Traducteurs et Interpretes (CIUTI), a member of China National Committee for MTI Education, Deputy Director of the Tertiary Level Education Committee for Translation and Interpretation Teaching of China under Ministry of Education, a member and Director General of Shanghai Committee for MTI Education, Vice-chairman of Shanghai Translators Association, a member of Shanghai Association of Literary and Art Circles, Chairman of Shanghai Interpreters Association, Executive Editor-in-chief of East Journal of Translation, etc.

Language Services in the Era of Internet and Big Data
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